Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 is Here

Just Brainstorming some Inspiring Resolutions and Goals.

My point is, Let's make goals so ambitious that I can't quite achieve them. For me, my Goals tend to lead my spare time. So, all my Goals are little seeds waiting to blossom into talents and achievements.

-Start an inexpensive rental property
--plant a massive, magnificent garden
--Put in 10 fruit trees likely to succeed here
--Put in 2 awesome play areas in backyard
--Landscape 2 other areas of my "yard", including some free bulbs, some edibles, and hollyhocks to honor Grandma Gail

-Improve my health
--Take several significant steps towards a natural diet, free of chemicals and chemically refined food
--Detoxify at least a little

-Be Happy, and notice my blessings,

-Be patient with my obsessive fault finding

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Somewhere to Study

Okay, I'm studying now!

Here are a summary of Responsibilities of the Educational Interpreter (Sign Language Interpreter in an educational setting, such as school.)

To Follow Policies!!!!
1. Absentee Policies two ways (getting a sub When you are absent, reporting when your client is absent.)
2. Difficult-interpreting situation Policies (When it is almost impossible to interpret. For example, Interpreting Driver Education while the Deaf student is driving and you are in the back seat.)
3. Disciplinary Policies (The procedures you should follow when the student is breaking rules, e.g. cheating, using profane language, etc.)
4. Extracurricular Policies! (Whether to interpret or not PTA meetings, telephone calls, etc.)

To Interpret!
1. To prepare for the interpreting assignment
2. Set up the physical environment for successful communication
3. Facilitate communication- Interpreter Protocol during Student dialogues, tests, fieldtrips and Pep-rallies
4. Pursue Personal professional development

To work with others:
1. Orient teachers, students, and others to having an interpreter present, and work with Professionals such as Audiologists as needed.
2. Non-interpreting assignments. Yay for the Teacher's aide!
3. Educate Consumers- Teach the student how to use the interpreter.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Introduction Leader's Program.

Well, I may just be incredibly short sighted, but I am considering doing something radical.

I am considering taking the course called Landmark Education's Introduction Leader's Program.

It is intense. Free. 7 months of serious volunteer work, including 4 weekends that I would have to travel to distant cities.

What would I get out of it?

-Power to be the cause in any matter in my life.
-Integrity, as far as me doing what I say and meaning what I say every time. And, Honoring myself.
-Starting a new business. A profitable one.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our First Getaway

Well, last weekend I took the Landmark Advanced course. During which, I came to realize some ways I've been putting Royal on the backburner in my life. I called and promised him I would take him for a getaway- Just the two of us- the weekend of July 4th.

As it happened, my dad came into town this weekend, so that solved our babysitter problem. Royal agreed an all-day date would be equivalent to an out of town getaway for him.

So, here's what I executed to dazzle him:

First we went to an amazing international Grocery Store called Global Foods. They have foods from dozens of countries, and Royal loves ethnic foods that he has never tried before. We spent an hour browsing there and bought Nan bread, gyro meat, cucumber sauce and some fresh cilantro. It made a very satisfying lunch!

Then we traveled to the St. Louis Zoo, where I bought two tickets to pet live sting rays. WOW. That was so amazing! I was thrilled and delighted by those huge (12" square to 30" square!), graceful sea creatures. We bought little fish to feed them, and one bit my finger! It felt like a very blunt jaw, and didn't hurt but did surprise me enough to jump! Their backs are slimy, and they actually swim up to your hand to be petted. The Zoo attendants said they seem to enjoy the sensation of the petting.

Then we drove to the St. Louis Arch. I was planning to ride up the 630 feet to the top, but the wait to ride was three hours! The place was so crowded, people were sitting on the floor. So, we just looked at the free museum and left.

Next we visited the famous Soulard Farmer's Market.

We ate dinner at Fritz's Bottling Company where they make their own Root Beer. (Royal is a big Root Beer fan.) Then we walked to the theatre and watched Pixar's new movie, UP. (We both loved it, by the way. You must see it. Very moving, inspiring, and funny.)

We got home around just late enough to feel like a real getaway. I am so grateful that came to pass. It has been just too long.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Another try at regular exercise

This last weekend, I reread 8 minutes in the morning by Jorge Cruise.


I think I can.

I think I can.

I think I can.

I think I can....

(I'll check back in in a week or so.)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Rant... Don't read it if you don't want to hear it.

WHY CAN'T I STAY ON AN EXERCISE PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Insert excuse number 553 here.)


(Insert excuse number 1 here.)


(One more time, just for the record.)


In the words of a Joy Berry book, I feel frustrated.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Well, I did make 60!

I just counted up my accomplishments, and I exceeded the minimum standard. I actually got 70 out of 112!

I have to admit, it was with a weak finish, but I still get my 12 songs!

Now, who do you all use to buy songs online?

I guess its time to make a new reward chart...because I haven't exercised all week! Well, that is if you don't count an hour of dance instruction! (It was the Rhumba.... Not too much sweating going on...)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Reward Chart

I am using a reward chart to help me stay on track. This is my anti-perfectionism tool. I got this particular chart from a Wellness Notebook, which I have in PDF format. It's huge, though, like 75 pages.
A reward chart helps me remember what I was trying to do. Unlike you, I quickly forget the main point of some of my hardest goals.
Also, it helps me see and acknowledge the smallest accomplishment! Having a tendency toward depression, which means twisted thinking, I have a hard time seeing those successes unless I work hard on focusing my mind. This chart helps me see every little part of my goal that I succeed at doing.
I've decided if I get 50% of my goal done out of 14 days, I'll give myself a reward. In this case, I think I counted 112 parts of my goal on the chart. So, "Success" will be if I get 56 or more done. The reward I picked is to buy $12 of songs that I can use on Royal's MP3 player. I figure I can listen to them while working out, so I hope this reward will help me continue to accomplish my goal!
(I've never purchased music online. Any suggestions for user-friendly song-buying sites?)
So, good-luck to any of you that are also trying to do something hard. We can do it. At least, we can do something.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Comedy of Circumstances.

It all started by waking to the sound of one hand clapping.... That is, my alarm failed to sound. I had an alarm set so we could arrive on time to Royal's doctor appointment. This appointment is his follow-up from his Discectomy surgery in December, and we both had very serious concerns for our surgeon, Kuklo. Yet we were already 30 minutes later than planned.

So, the only routine we executed was the, "Potty, brush, dress, and get that coat on..." as we dashed about the house begging compliance from our sleepy kids.

No exercise. Only very brief, desperate prayers, and certainly no work on personal goals!

Oh, well. I am okay with failing again. Isn't that great! ;-)

On the up side, (an omage to Auntie Heather, once again.) when I went to my reward chart to check off the anything I might have done, I did see "Get fully dressed". YES! I did it! Of course, today will be another story. A more normal one, I hope...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One Day More

I'm still working on a morning routine.

Yesterday I got in a partial one: exercise, scriptures, and prayers before kids awoke, and dressed and makeup afterwards. (Pretty good!)

Today, we accomplished getting dressed, showered, and having very good prayers before kids awoke.

I was also aiming to work on a personal goal, and that has been occurring during the day.

As for structuring time with the kids, I haven't dented that goal yet, except for planning a few things.

Monday, February 9, 2009

One Step Forward.

I thought about naming today's post, "Strike One." because I didn't do my entire routine this morning. In fact, I didn't get out of bed until 7:30.

But then I started thinking about my friend/sister, Heather. Heather always insists on looking at what is working. So, what went right? Well, more than meets the eye.

I did get fully dressed this morning. I did say a sincere prayer before leaving my room, and I even got my hair/face done!

So, One step forward, albeit not as big one as I was hoping. I will be attempting my new morning routine tomorrow.

I made myself a "Reward Chart" as an enticement to do the good behaviors. But, I haven't decided on a good reward yet... There aren't even any books I'm dying to buy right now! (That tells you how well off I am right now.)

I will try to post updates.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

"My" Life, a How To on Taking It Back

Okay, so Jim is almost a year.

It must be that time of the month because I'm feeling way too sick and tired of being too sick and tired. I'm blaming the kids for taking too much of "me" and I'm blaming Royal for not taking enough of the kids' constant taking, taking, taking.

PMS or no PMS, something rattled me out of my pity party this evening. It was something very strange indeed. Royal was reading a self-help book! (Almost surreal in its likelihood...) He read an excerpt aloud. From Frugal Families by Jonni McCoy, he read (paraphrased bigtime), "If you're going to quit work to stay at home, the only way you'll survive it without running back to the office is if you structure your day. PLAN to get up early, exercise, work on personal goals, and get ready for the day before the kids. Also, PLAN the time with kids, including outings you will go on."

This struck the chord of truth for me. I really could take back more of "my" life with the proper tools (a good plan). Now, I need a plan...

So, the rambling I will do to form my plan is what this blog post is really about. (No excellence in journalism today, ladies!)

Everything I want to accomplish in my morning routine:
8 minutes exercise with weights
dressing fully, plus basic face/hair hygiene
Working on a personal goal
Working on a homemaking task that is best done alone
Spiritual reflection- 15-20 minutes of reading, plus sincere prayers

That should take about 45 minutes.

At night, it would help if I:
Reviewed the next day's plans, inc. appts
Reviewed the next day's menu (food is still the most effort-consuming item on my to do list)
Reflected on blessings from the current day
Plus prayers

That should take about 10 minutes.

So, my hypothesis is that for about an hour a day, I can have the feeling that I have taken back my life.

I can do this.

I've gotta go check my menu for tomorrow... See ya!

(I'll try to report back soon.)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Legally Defining Proper Marriage

Proposition 8, on which Californians will vote on 4 November, defines marriage in California as between a man and a woman.

Let us do all we can to uphold the definition of marriage.

Let us hope that when our children are grown, they can enjoy the blessings of proper marriage as much as we have.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Presentation, the last frontier

Okay, one thing I don't do (yet) is make things pretty.

I love to create order, but I don't know how to create beauty yet.

I am utilitarian, Royal is more aesthetic-ist. I'm all about function. He is all about form.

So, I've just been thinking about making a delicious cake for my cousin's upcoming wedding. (Just as a sort of gift, it is a VERY small, simple wedding.) The thing is, the cake isn't pretty. It is absolutely sensational (and I'm speaking as one who doesn't usually enjoy cake that much). And wouldn't it be unseemly to bring an ugly cake to a wedding?

Hmmm. I'm not sure. Aunt Carol, what do you think?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I made yogurt!

Check out this wonderful and simple method of making yogurt:

or, copy and paste this into the address bar:

And, while you're at it, did you know yogurt is safe for infants? Pediatricians' vary on whether they recommend it first from 6months to 8 months! Just make sure it's Whole Milk yogurt. It is much easier to digest than cow's milk, apparently. Even though it is made straight from cow's milk.

I have succeeded twice with this process.

Yogurt is good for:
high protein breakfast (mix with fruit in blender, add a touch of sugar) (or, serve with vanilla and sugar over thinly sliced apple. Top with chopped walnuts and cinnamon)
snack smoothie (mid in blender with handful of choc. chips and 1/3 cup peanut butter, add a touch of honey)
Thickener for soups (adds protein!)
and, in some cases, a good sub for sour cream.