Saturday, February 7, 2009

"My" Life, a How To on Taking It Back

Okay, so Jim is almost a year.

It must be that time of the month because I'm feeling way too sick and tired of being too sick and tired. I'm blaming the kids for taking too much of "me" and I'm blaming Royal for not taking enough of the kids' constant taking, taking, taking.

PMS or no PMS, something rattled me out of my pity party this evening. It was something very strange indeed. Royal was reading a self-help book! (Almost surreal in its likelihood...) He read an excerpt aloud. From Frugal Families by Jonni McCoy, he read (paraphrased bigtime), "If you're going to quit work to stay at home, the only way you'll survive it without running back to the office is if you structure your day. PLAN to get up early, exercise, work on personal goals, and get ready for the day before the kids. Also, PLAN the time with kids, including outings you will go on."

This struck the chord of truth for me. I really could take back more of "my" life with the proper tools (a good plan). Now, I need a plan...

So, the rambling I will do to form my plan is what this blog post is really about. (No excellence in journalism today, ladies!)

Everything I want to accomplish in my morning routine:
8 minutes exercise with weights
dressing fully, plus basic face/hair hygiene
Working on a personal goal
Working on a homemaking task that is best done alone
Spiritual reflection- 15-20 minutes of reading, plus sincere prayers

That should take about 45 minutes.

At night, it would help if I:
Reviewed the next day's plans, inc. appts
Reviewed the next day's menu (food is still the most effort-consuming item on my to do list)
Reflected on blessings from the current day
Plus prayers

That should take about 10 minutes.

So, my hypothesis is that for about an hour a day, I can have the feeling that I have taken back my life.

I can do this.

I've gotta go check my menu for tomorrow... See ya!

(I'll try to report back soon.)

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Another Piece Of Chocolate said...

Wow! That seems like a very ambitious plan!