Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 is Here

Just Brainstorming some Inspiring Resolutions and Goals.

My point is, Let's make goals so ambitious that I can't quite achieve them. For me, my Goals tend to lead my spare time. So, all my Goals are little seeds waiting to blossom into talents and achievements.

-Start an inexpensive rental property
--plant a massive, magnificent garden
--Put in 10 fruit trees likely to succeed here
--Put in 2 awesome play areas in backyard
--Landscape 2 other areas of my "yard", including some free bulbs, some edibles, and hollyhocks to honor Grandma Gail

-Improve my health
--Take several significant steps towards a natural diet, free of chemicals and chemically refined food
--Detoxify at least a little

-Be Happy, and notice my blessings,

-Be patient with my obsessive fault finding

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