Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our First Getaway

Well, last weekend I took the Landmark Advanced course. During which, I came to realize some ways I've been putting Royal on the backburner in my life. I called and promised him I would take him for a getaway- Just the two of us- the weekend of July 4th.

As it happened, my dad came into town this weekend, so that solved our babysitter problem. Royal agreed an all-day date would be equivalent to an out of town getaway for him.

So, here's what I executed to dazzle him:

First we went to an amazing international Grocery Store called Global Foods. They have foods from dozens of countries, and Royal loves ethnic foods that he has never tried before. We spent an hour browsing there and bought Nan bread, gyro meat, cucumber sauce and some fresh cilantro. It made a very satisfying lunch!

Then we traveled to the St. Louis Zoo, where I bought two tickets to pet live sting rays. WOW. That was so amazing! I was thrilled and delighted by those huge (12" square to 30" square!), graceful sea creatures. We bought little fish to feed them, and one bit my finger! It felt like a very blunt jaw, and didn't hurt but did surprise me enough to jump! Their backs are slimy, and they actually swim up to your hand to be petted. The Zoo attendants said they seem to enjoy the sensation of the petting.

Then we drove to the St. Louis Arch. I was planning to ride up the 630 feet to the top, but the wait to ride was three hours! The place was so crowded, people were sitting on the floor. So, we just looked at the free museum and left.

Next we visited the famous Soulard Farmer's Market.

We ate dinner at Fritz's Bottling Company where they make their own Root Beer. (Royal is a big Root Beer fan.) Then we walked to the theatre and watched Pixar's new movie, UP. (We both loved it, by the way. You must see it. Very moving, inspiring, and funny.)

We got home around just late enough to feel like a real getaway. I am so grateful that came to pass. It has been just too long.


Another Piece Of Chocolate said...

Good for you (two). A happy family starts with a happy marriage.

Jessy said...
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