Monday, February 9, 2009

One Step Forward.

I thought about naming today's post, "Strike One." because I didn't do my entire routine this morning. In fact, I didn't get out of bed until 7:30.

But then I started thinking about my friend/sister, Heather. Heather always insists on looking at what is working. So, what went right? Well, more than meets the eye.

I did get fully dressed this morning. I did say a sincere prayer before leaving my room, and I even got my hair/face done!

So, One step forward, albeit not as big one as I was hoping. I will be attempting my new morning routine tomorrow.

I made myself a "Reward Chart" as an enticement to do the good behaviors. But, I haven't decided on a good reward yet... There aren't even any books I'm dying to buy right now! (That tells you how well off I am right now.)

I will try to post updates.


Myhouse4nine said...

Even one step forward is in the right direction, so keep trying with the little steps forward if that is what you can do. I personally dislike structure, but I too have found that it is the only way I can feel that I have accomplished anything. So I make a schedule for just the important things like first thing in the morning and what time I have to start dinner. Then I throw the kids stuff in there. I am not perfect, but am functioning.

Another Piece Of Chocolate said...

I think you did great and accomplished a lot! Seems much more realistic to me :- )
I miss you all!!