Friday, September 4, 2009

Introduction Leader's Program.

Well, I may just be incredibly short sighted, but I am considering doing something radical.

I am considering taking the course called Landmark Education's Introduction Leader's Program.

It is intense. Free. 7 months of serious volunteer work, including 4 weekends that I would have to travel to distant cities.

What would I get out of it?

-Power to be the cause in any matter in my life.
-Integrity, as far as me doing what I say and meaning what I say every time. And, Honoring myself.
-Starting a new business. A profitable one.

1 comment:

Freth :-p said...

An American sign language course?

Does this mean you want to tell jokes in church without making noise? Or reprimand the kids with hand motions? Or chat quietly in a boring meeting ... ? Be able to communicate at a Rock concert?

My brother's daughter, Camaris, has become quite adept at ASL.