Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Reward Chart

I am using a reward chart to help me stay on track. This is my anti-perfectionism tool. I got this particular chart from a Wellness Notebook, which I have in PDF format. It's huge, though, like 75 pages.
A reward chart helps me remember what I was trying to do. Unlike you, I quickly forget the main point of some of my hardest goals.
Also, it helps me see and acknowledge the smallest accomplishment! Having a tendency toward depression, which means twisted thinking, I have a hard time seeing those successes unless I work hard on focusing my mind. This chart helps me see every little part of my goal that I succeed at doing.
I've decided if I get 50% of my goal done out of 14 days, I'll give myself a reward. In this case, I think I counted 112 parts of my goal on the chart. So, "Success" will be if I get 56 or more done. The reward I picked is to buy $12 of songs that I can use on Royal's MP3 player. I figure I can listen to them while working out, so I hope this reward will help me continue to accomplish my goal!
(I've never purchased music online. Any suggestions for user-friendly song-buying sites?)
So, good-luck to any of you that are also trying to do something hard. We can do it. At least, we can do something.


Another Piece Of Chocolate said...

You are so good at keeping track of things (goals, lists. etc.,). I could never keep up with charts and goal lists like that (75 pages!!). I am amazed at your strength of ability in this area!!

Myhouse4nine said...

I need help reporting to someone again to keep me motivatied...