Friday, February 13, 2009

A Comedy of Circumstances.

It all started by waking to the sound of one hand clapping.... That is, my alarm failed to sound. I had an alarm set so we could arrive on time to Royal's doctor appointment. This appointment is his follow-up from his Discectomy surgery in December, and we both had very serious concerns for our surgeon, Kuklo. Yet we were already 30 minutes later than planned.

So, the only routine we executed was the, "Potty, brush, dress, and get that coat on..." as we dashed about the house begging compliance from our sleepy kids.

No exercise. Only very brief, desperate prayers, and certainly no work on personal goals!

Oh, well. I am okay with failing again. Isn't that great! ;-)

On the up side, (an omage to Auntie Heather, once again.) when I went to my reward chart to check off the anything I might have done, I did see "Get fully dressed". YES! I did it! Of course, today will be another story. A more normal one, I hope...

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Myhouse4nine said...

There will always be some days like that, but will you have the courage to try again on Monday? AND congrats for getting fully dressed!