Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Somewhere to Study

Okay, I'm studying now!

Here are a summary of Responsibilities of the Educational Interpreter (Sign Language Interpreter in an educational setting, such as school.)

To Follow Policies!!!!
1. Absentee Policies two ways (getting a sub When you are absent, reporting when your client is absent.)
2. Difficult-interpreting situation Policies (When it is almost impossible to interpret. For example, Interpreting Driver Education while the Deaf student is driving and you are in the back seat.)
3. Disciplinary Policies (The procedures you should follow when the student is breaking rules, e.g. cheating, using profane language, etc.)
4. Extracurricular Policies! (Whether to interpret or not PTA meetings, telephone calls, etc.)

To Interpret!
1. To prepare for the interpreting assignment
2. Set up the physical environment for successful communication
3. Facilitate communication- Interpreter Protocol during Student dialogues, tests, fieldtrips and Pep-rallies
4. Pursue Personal professional development

To work with others:
1. Orient teachers, students, and others to having an interpreter present, and work with Professionals such as Audiologists as needed.
2. Non-interpreting assignments. Yay for the Teacher's aide!
3. Educate Consumers- Teach the student how to use the interpreter.

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