Monday, September 8, 2008

101 Goals for 1001 Days

Okay, here is my semi-final draft!

101 Goals for 1001 Days Monday, September 8, 2008

I. Personal Goals

  1. Make a list of 101 things I've accomplished in the last 3 years (40/101)

  2. Write up 101 Goals for use in the next 1001 Days:(101/101)

  3. Take 3 separate weeks to focus on listening to the people around me (0/3)

  4. Buy, Read, and mark 3 books that teach about listening to others (0/3)

  5. Write down in a journal 5 important things I learned about listening (0/5)

  6. Write 5 stories about when I chose to listen lovingly to someone in my journal (0/5)

  7. Focus for 1 hour for 63 days on just what is happening “in the now” while I am with a family member (extended is okay) Write down what happened in my journal at least 5 times (0/63) (0/5)

  8. Attend the Temple at least 20 times. (1/20)- spiritual

  9. Read my scriptures every day for 15 minutes for 29 consecutive days -spiritual (best: 6/29)

  10. Read my scriptures every day for 20 minutes for 29 consecutive days -spiritual

  11. Read my scriptures every day for 25 minutes for 29 consecutive days -spiritual

  12. Read through each of the major study guides from cover to cover: Bible Dictionary, Topical Guide, Index, Gazette (0/4)-spiritual

  13. Read through the pearl of Great Price Cover to cover -spiritual

  14. Keep a bookmark I can write on in my scriptures for 29 consecutive days and make notes on some of those days (best: 8/29) -spiritual

  15. Order the sound track of conference for a year, and keep it handy in the car while driving (0/2) -spiritual

  16. Find out exactly how much it would cost to finish my degree (tuition and fees only) from 3 accredited distance learning programs (0/3)

  17. Find out exactly how much it would cost to certified as ASL interpreter

  18. Send 25 birthday cards or gifts (0/25) through the mail

  19. Make someone a surprise birthday cake 9/21/08

II. Family, Extended Family and Genealogy

  1. Plan and execute 5 special dates just what Royal would enjoy write them all down in journal (0/5)

  2. Plan and execute 3 special getaways (2 days min.) with Royal ONLY that are just what I would enjoy. Record all in journal. (0/3)

  3. Create a date logbook with up to 50 dates we've been on that I can recall. Start tracking what we do in it. Note things I enjoyed.

9/28 Played Ticket to Ride with the Gillespie Family
10/2/2008 Watched Unelectable by Glen Beck, Ben and Jerry's whirled peace and cherry garcia

  1. Perfect One Jitterbug Routine with Royal from Dr. Jitterbug

  2. Jitterbug with Royal in public

  3. Help Grace memorize and pass off all 12 articles of faith (0/12)

  4. Help Sienna and Grace prepare and present 10 FHE lessons (0/20)

  5. Pick a quote each week to emphasize at home (0/50)

  6. Make a performance part of FHE,(include it on the wheel) 21 times (0/21)

  7. Take each child over 3 on 24 dates (45 minutes with no other company, somewhere other than at home) Record these dates in a special Book. (Grace: 1/24, Sienna: 0/24) Make at least 10 of the dates the child's choice (Grace: 1/10, Sienna: 0/10))

  8. Come up with some way to connect with non-internet readers with our Blog. Send our blog stuff to close friends or family who do not read our blog online 10 times. (0/10)

  9. Give to a needy family at Christmastime with family.

  10. Help feed needy people at Thanksgiving.

  11. Read 5 books about strengthening family ties, building up family, etc (0/5)

  12. Help Donny verify at least 10 of my ancestor's Information (0/10)

  13. Become a daughter of the American Revolution

  14. Help my sisters and nieces become DAR members. (0/10)

  15. Investigate a better format for Dad's collection of Photographs than DVD file tree

  16. Digitize my family photos found in the brown rubbermaid container.

  17. Index 3000 names for the Church (0/3000)

  18. Print out the TMM Blog and bind it

  19. Put a copy of my Digital family pics in my 72 emergency kit.

III. Financial and Business

  1. Update my will to include James and future children

  2. Establish an emergency fund with 6 months expenses in the bank

  3. Buy a home large enough for us to grow in

  4. Go through any business course at MIT open courseware.

  5. Complete 4 courses toward getting a degree.

  6. Organize a personal rolodex of contacts that are resources to me as a business person.

  7. Take time once a month for a year to “nourish” my rolodex. I.E. Build contact relationships. (0/12)

  8. Add at least 20 cool contacts to my rolodex (0/20)

  9. Read 10 books about management

  10. Read 10 books about marketing

  11. Write a short Ebook (30 pages) (about finances?)

  12. Carry out 10 marketing strategies on my Book

  13. Find out 5 things left to do before Dad's book can be published (0/5)

  14. Make a plan and help Dad carry it out to achieve all 5. (0/5)

  15. Carry out 10 marketing strategies on Dad's book.

  16. Publish at least 100 copies of Dad's book.

  17. Help Dad publish an Ebook copy of his book.

  18. Help Dad sell at least 75 copies of his book. (0/75)

  19. Get one stream of passive income by real estate

  20. Get one stream of passive income from a business (cookie business, real estate rental, publishing books)

  21. Host a big (100 people) fundraising event for a local anti-abortion, pro-life clinic (concert, choral group, a capella singing classical group from the christmas program in Dothan, Joke sporting event, or mini-March madness).

  22. Collect and organize a cookbook for cooking from extreme simple scratch while building up your pantry.

  23. Publish my cookbook.

  24. Market my cookbook.

IV. Personal Education Misc: Guns, Woodworking, Spanish, Garden/Cooking, Music

  1. Take a short course on Gunsafety

  2. Get someone to show me how to handle a gun

  3. Pick a gun that I want to buy

  4. Buy a gun for personal defense

  5. Learn markmanship from a class or individual

  6. Learn how to clean a gun.

  7. Clean my gun twice (0/2)

  8. Practice shooting/marksmanship 5 times (0/5)

  9. Get a license to carry a gun.

  10. Teach a group (3 min.) of people the process for obtaining a gun license.

  11. Accumulate 3 power tools for woodworking (0/3)

  12. Build a wooden structure that can stand alone (birdhouse, doghouse, storage shed,etc.)

  13. Complete 5 woodworking projects from plans written by someone else. (0/5)

  14. Design a simple woodworking project that could solve a problem I have (storage,etc)

  15. Build something I designed out of wood

  16. Teach each of my children something about working with wood (safety, grain, etc) (0/3)

  17. Build something as a service to a person in need or to the community

  18. Build something with Royal.

  19. Plant 5 fruit trees (0/5)

  20. Plant an herb garden (2 or more herbs)

  21. Plant a flower garden (2 or more flowers)

  22. Plant a container, themed garden (can overlap other garden goals.)

  23. Raise or care for a large animal (sheep and up) long enough to resell it for greater value than I paid.

  24. Slaughter and preserve or eat a bird.

  25. Build a worm farm for one season (3 months min.) and put the droppings into a garden area

  26. Make my own yogurt 5 times (2/5)

  27. Try to make cheese 5 times, or successfully make it once (0/5)

  28. Can 8 quarts (min) of something That I grew or at least harvested myself (0/8)

  29. Make 5 meals with pressure-cooked beans (0/5)

  30. Learn to Speak Spanish

  31. Speak Spanish with 10 people whose 1st language is Spanish (0/10)

  32. Memorize my favorite song on the piano (canon in D)

  33. Write up my song The angry Baby Dance

  34. Take 20 music lessons of any kind (0/20)

  35. Read Automatic Wealth through twice. (0/2)

  36. Read 10 biographical books (part of a life is okay) (0/10)


Kira =] said...

i like them! =]
thought out really well. I need to become a DAR as well, so you can inform me. And I think you should look into become a HAM radio operator. It's one of my goals currently.

Jennifer said...

Great goals. I dont think I could ever come up with so many!! Hey, could you send me Miny Kochs email? I would love to get in touch with her and her blog is private. Thanks, Jen