Saturday, June 28, 2008

I joined a Book Club

I have some friends here in Kentucky who wanted to start a book club. And I was like, "Hey, that would be fun! But, I probably don't have time to read a book per month. But, I'd like to try!"

So, I did. And, I can! so far, anyway.

This book club is like: we all try to read the book picked by the host that month. Then, we get together and discuss it for at least 5 minutes. Then we visit and munch on healthy snacks for 2.5 hours.

In short, It is really fun!

I tried out a book club a long time ago in Savannah. The group was made up of young, married, mormon women. One of these fine young women was an outspoken girl who could turn any conversation topic into controversial gospel paraphernalia discussion. You know what I mean, if you are mormon. "Why can't women have the priesthood?" type misunderstandings.

So, you know why I dropped that club like a hot potato. (Actually, you probably don't, and it sounds like this: The bishop told me I should run, not walk, away from such a group.)

Some People! (;-) )

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