Saturday, June 28, 2008

Here I Am

Greetings, friends! Couldn't get enough of my satire on the other blog, eh? Had to come here for more, eh? Well, Greetings!

I just wanted somewhere to cultivate my homelife adventures/misadventures in greater detail. I hope I can (ASL sign for "gather things") my life drippings. It does seem to come a little at a time, doesn't it? Like a drip from a magical faucet that may give you water one moment and then seeds and then fire ants! I never know what's coming, although I've struggled for decades now to figure it out.

So, parenting stuff, cooking stuff, fitness stuff, gardening thought ramblings (did you see my poll on thetmm?)(Did it make you laugh?)(If it didn't just lie!) marriage stuff, and soapboxes occasionally. (I know those are not fun, especially when overused!)

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